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May 26, 2019 · john solves all that guy’s problems, but he does it on continental grounds, which are immune to such goings-on. as such, he gets kicked out of the club, or ‘excommunicado.’ as we pick up 20 minutes after the end of john wick 2: wick harder, it’s a rainy start to john’s run. his dog, dog, is keeping up with him.
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John wick's armor does incorporate solid plates. but because it's woven into his suit, they're probably fairly small and only cover vital areas to allow discretion and comfort. he was stabbed in the side which doesn't have any vital organs so probably no armor plates to stop the knife. now he could have covered his body with armored plates.
Ok, i will zone out from real topics and take this for a change. the answer is yes, we have bullet resistant armor capable of withstanding anything john throws at in the movie. the most important part is we have the capability to deliver more than...

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