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The norwegian m1931 the m1931 helmet is also known as the baltic helmet. it was designed by the swedish company eskilstuna stålpressning a/b, which also made the pre-production series of 100 helmets, that where tested by the norwegian army. production was taken over by the norwegian company raufoss a/s.
The fast helmet will replace the current pasgt style aramid helmet manufactured by cato ringstad as. while specific numbers have not yet been released, the norwegian army will purchase enough helmets to not only outfit their active forces, but some of the national guard as well. the current strength of the norwegian army sits at around 22,000.
Here at shellback tactical, we have you covered head to toe for all of your body armor needs. not only do we provide the best tactical nylon and armored plates in the industry, we also provide armor helmets. we offer a wide range of ballistic armor helmets to meet your tactical needs. we take your protection very seriously.
ops-core, inc. (boston, ma) was awarded a contract this week to supply the norwegian army with a new ballistic combat helmet called the fast helmet (short for future assault shell technology

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