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China supply unturned modded military helmet

The mod also requires item item stacking mod for the crafting recipes. both mods are in required items section to the right. because this is a higher tier crafting then vinilla, it requires item stacks for managing the large quantity of supply's needed for the craft recipes.
Id 17: military drumthe military drum is a magazine attachment that holds 100 rounds, this allows for more shooting less reloading(lol), with the largest military ammunition capacity in the game, taking low calibre military ammunitian crates as a refill, the military drum is by far a must have for the honey badger.
Oct 14, 2016 · i have an idea for a server that will take advantage of the teammate aspects of unturned and its' workshop. what i want to create is a 32 person server with the following mods: weapons fn-fal pack fixed nuclear weapons mod (use only by admins) m202 flash assault rifle pack carbine pack inflitration pack
The great hsi-ku arsenal(great xigu arsenal) is series of military mods for unturned,such as guns vehicles and lastest....military equipment.the name has take from arsenal in qing dynasty,china...

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